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What resistors go in R10, R11, R12 and R19?


The current assembly guide doesn't have information on installing resistors R10, R11, R12 and R19. These resistors are located to the right of the voltage select jumper, there values are:

R10 - 18K 1%
R11 - 2K 1%
R12 - 3K 1%
R19 - 1K 1%

And placement is:

R10 R11

It's important for these resistors to be installed correctly so it's advised to measure each one to make sure you have the correct resistor before soldering it in place. After soldering the resistors in test the voltage on the Op-Amp, pins 2 & 6 have a fixed voltage that is based off voltage from the +5V reg. and should be very close to spec. Pins 3 & 5 should be the input voltage divided by 10.

1 - Output
2 - 1.252V
3 - 1.185V (input voltage / 10)
4 - GND
5 - 1.185V (input voltage / 10)
6 - 1.252V
7 - 0V
8 - GND

If these resistors are not installed correctly then the +12V over voltage circuit will not operate correctly.

Further, the only blade that utilizes the voltage from pin 3 on the Op-Amp is the 4116 REV C blade, and this blade has a over voltage protection circuit in place to protect the MCU from voltages over 5.1V.

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