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1/27/20 - NeoLoch has completed the sale of the Inquisitor source files and remaining stock to Pinball Classics so the Inquisitor testing system will remain available.

I plan on continuing development of the POKEY blade and hope to have that finished sometime in 2020.

11/18/19 - I regret to inform you that NeoLoch has ceased all operations, effective November 18th, 2019. It's been a great run and I've enjoyed designing testers for the community. But with recent changes to my life I find myself in a position where I no longer wish to continue operating the business.

You can still find kits available at:
United States:
Pinball Classics

Belgium (EU)
Pinball Solutions

Thank you for your support and I wish everyone the best of luck.

David Hoffman

Inquisitor Documents

Core Assembly Guide REV B
Core Assembly Guide REV C
Core User Manual

SRAM Blade Assembly Guide
SRAM BladeUser Manual V3

PIA Blade Assembly Guide
  PIA BladeUser Manual V3

4116 Assembly Guide REV B
4116 Assembly Guide REV C
4116 User Manual V1
4116 User Manual V2

9060 Assembly Guide
9060 User Manual V1

PSRAM Assembly Guide
PSRAM User Manual V1

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