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What type of power supply do I need for the core module?


The Inquisitor Core module requires a 12V 225ma power supply. There are two types of power supplies that you can use with the Inquisitor Core module, they are:

Unregulated 12V Power Supply: To use an unregulated power supply with a supplied voltage between 13.5V to 15V, place jumper 1 in the unregulated position. This engages the on board 12V regulator.

Regulated 12V: A regulated 12V power supply supplies a constant 12V power source, so the Inquisitor Core doesn't need to use it's +12V regulator, place the jumper 1 in the regulated position so that the Core's +12V regulator is bypassed.

Barrel Plug: a The on board DC power connector requires a 2.1mm mating connector. Complete dimensions of the mating plug on the power supply we use are: 5.5mm (outside) x 2.1mm (inside) x 9.5mm (length)

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